Accessories...The Finishing Touch

Accessories...The Finishing Touch

When it comes to accessories, we all have a ‘common thread’ that runs through our lives with regard to what we collect.  You will find items throughout your home that are similar in color, theme and texture.  Some may be 20 years old, while others will be new.  The trick is to find the most appropriate places to showcase their beauty and style. 


Accessories are the finishing touch.   They give live to a room and make the homeowners personality shine through.  When accessorizing, keep the five senses in mind – sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound. 


Keep arrangements simple but dramatic.   Follow the decorating theme whenever possible and address all areas of the room – walls, mantles, furniture, tabletops and floor. 


Here are some guidelines to follow:


Place your most important pieces first.


Group accessories that are alike in theme, finish or color to establish consistency and create pockets of color.

Add texture to each grouping – all the same finishes are boring.


There is magic in odd numbers – make groupings of 1, 3, or 5 objects.


Pay attention to the relationship of items.  For example, do not place delicate porcelain next to an oversized stone textured vase.


Keep in mind the concept of highs and lows – varying heights makes your redesign more visually appealing.


Never block a light source.  If you are arranging a vignette near a window, choose items like light or clear glass or birdcages to allow the light to stream through.


Don’t do the predictable. Drape a throw rather than folding it neatly to add color and texture to a room.


Keep large with large, small with small, tall with tall, etc.  If you have a large, weighty piece of furniture, place strong weighty accessories on it.  Delicate porcelain or crystal will look out of place.


Use vertical items for drama.


If few accessories are available use books, magazines, candles, shawls, napkins, baskets and kitchen dishes to add color.


Search the attic, garage, and closets to find personal memento’s to add personality and distinction.


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