Beauty is only skin deep

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Beauty is only skin deep

This saying applies to people as much as it does to furniture.  Unless there is a good foundation and real value underneath, the relationship simply won’t last.  Whether you are buying new, vintage or antique furniture; construction and materials are key concerns. 


Purchasing furniture is a long-term commitment. Here are a few guidelines to follow to make your best possible choice:


  • Is it comfortable?  Spend time sitting on each piece you are considering, move around, try different positions or get in full nap mode. Do the height and depth of the seat fit the length of your leg? Can you lean back comfortably?  Is it easy to get in and out of the seat?  Are the arms at a comfortable height?


  • Compare construction of similar products. Wood should be Kiln dried hardwood to prevent warping. Joints should be glued and screwed and corner blocked on upholstery frames for increased durability. Case goods should have drawers assembled with dovetail joints not staples.  There are large variations in the density of foams used in the industry affecting durability.  Gauge of wire used in springs also effects wear etc.  A good sales associate should be able to help you wade through all the technical aspects of a piece of furniture.


  • Compare prices.  There is a lot that goes into the price of a piece of furniture.  The construction, the location of the factory, the service provided by the store all play into pricing an item.  Shopping local always has its advantages.  Ordering furniture from other countries usually adds to the price with duties, shipping and the dollar exchange.  There are many great furniture manufactures right here in BC, why not try them first.  Ask your local store to price match if you find the same item somewhere else but keep in mind the cost of shipping from another city.


  • Compare after sale service.  Be a savvy consumer.  Ask about the warranties on the frame, fabric, cushions and fabric finish.  Ask how the store deals with problems and defective products.


There is a lot to think about when buying furniture, working with an interior designer or experienced furniture professional can make a huge difference in your decision making process and make the end result that much more enjoyable!

Cori Logan

Interiors Designer


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