Creating Romance in the Bedroom

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Creating Romance in the Bedroom

Our bedrooms are the epicentre of our romantic relationships, and with Valentine’s day just around the corner I thought it a perfect topic. Certain aspects can make or break the romantic mood within a room, so let’s look at what it takes to make a bedroom romantic

Let’s begin with the bed, which needs to look as inviting as possible. Think lush 5-star hotel!  Big plumped up pillows and crisp, freshly laundered sheets all beautifully made up, are key to making your bed look and feel more appealing.


It’s also important to clear away any clutter.  The bed should be the main feature and clutter will simply distract from that. If you’re inclined to use your bedroom floor for clothing placement, now is the time for some serious tidying up and maybe scaling down your wardrobe.


To keep the mood and ambience focused on intimacy and passion put any chore-based equipment out of sight, such as ironing boards, clothes dryers, laptops and so on.


Creating romantic lighting in your bedroom can make a big difference. Be sure to switch your overhead light off as it can be too bright and unflattering. Either use bedside lamps with a soft glow bulb or group tea lights in lovely holders to create the mood. A lightly scented candle will also add to that warm fuzzy feeling.


Romance and desire are strongly linked to your sense of smell. As well as using the scented tea lights, you can also use a pillow mist, a Lampe Berger or just a spritz of your usual perfume on the pillows and bed. Don’t go overboard with too many different smells, just one or two, especially if familiar, will trigger desire.


Try sprinkling your bed with a few rose petals, they don’t have to be real – you can buy artificial petals or use petal shaped confetti (not fun to vacuum). If your bedroom is upstairs, leave a trail of petals up the stairs towards your bedroom, which will indicate both romance and intent.


It is always nice to play music, perhaps there is a special song that you share that carries happy memories for you both…play it softly. For obvious reasons, this works better with gentle, mellow music rather than heavy rock!


A lot of the art of creating a romantic and sexy bedroom is in the prep. Think about moving your TV out of the bedroom or just covering it up, perhaps putting a plush or velvety throw over the bed. Sit a bottle of champagne invitingly in an ice bucket, with some ripe strawberries and delicious dark chocolate, which will enhance a sensual mood.


Remember to keep all of your senses at play while creating a romantic mood in the bedroom. While it’s easy to trigger desire with sensuous aromas, music and lighting, don’t forget touch is also a big factor in making your Valentine’s night even more special. Most of all…just have fun and Enjoy!



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