Design Doesn't Always Start At The Front Door

Design Doesn't Always Start At The Front Door

In this day and age, we all think that Interior Design starts as soon as we open our front door. Let’s change our mindset, picture your design starting at the curb.
We all know that warm and fuzzy feeling that we get when we walk in to a space that is surrounded by the things we love, the family pictures, the fluffy pillows, the comfy couch and everything else that makes our space our own.

Just imagine how we would feel if that feeling would start from the moment we opened our car door, or the moment we walked up our sidewalk, or the stairs to our condo.  Believe me when I say it isn’t something that is hard to accomplish, or anything that has to be extravagant and expensive.  Take your inspiration from something you truly are passionate about, it could be a color, it could be a sport, perhaps your favorite flower, or something that you cherish from your childhood memories.  Once you have an idea in mind, run with it.  There is nothing more gratifying than watching an idea come to fruition.


Here are a few simple things that you can do that might help jumpstart the process if you own your home:


Change the house numbers, this is a small and fairly inexpensive way to make that front entrance pop.  Speaking of front entrances, perhaps the front door could use a pop of color, nothing says welcome home more than a beautiful colored door.


Planters beside the door, let’s continue to bring beautiful color to our eyes with a stunning planter full of your favorite flowers.  However, if you at all follow the principles of feng shui, be sure that these flowers don’t have sharp edges, look for plants that have a more rounded foliage, but that’s a whole other blog.


There are few things that are more welcoming than cozy outdoor living spaces; but too often, they're tucked away into backyards and hidden behind fences. Imagine that feeling when you boost your curb appeal by creating front-and-center outdoor living areas that will make passers-by and perhaps your neighbors pause and wish……if only.


Designing a street-visible outdoor living area that you actually enjoy and use is the ultimate goal, but there is a potential downside: clutter and crowding.  Don’t leave the dishes that you used for entertaining in sight, toys, outdoor tools such as rakes and shovels visible, and if possible, tuck away those unpleasant garbage containers. 


We see our house every day, it's easy to get used to how it looks and to overlook the exterior flaws. But if your house isn't living up to its curb appeal potential, a few changes can add up to a fantastic front-of-house facelift.



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