Hot Colours for 2017

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Hot Colours for 2017

Each year, paint, furniture and textile manufactures look at trends in society, current events, fashion and other sources to predict which colours will trend in the following year. Each year these companies put forth colour stories. Colour stories are groupings of colours that work together with a particular theme.

Four colour stories have been put forth by Sherwin Williams for 2017; Noir, holistic, intrepid, and unbound. Of the 4 colour stories the one that is showing up most making the biggest impact on the furniture manufactures so far is Noir.

Night; dark moody blues, classic taupe and splashes of hues that could be interpreted as hints of red and white wine inspire the Noir colour pallet. Together these colours can invoke very different feeling for different people. They can envelope us in a feeling of comfort like a quite night in or excitement like a glittery night out. However this pallet makes you feel upholstery fabrics, leathers and area rugs using this colour pallet will be hitting stores in 2017.
Sherwin Williams Noir Colours 2017

Noir collection

The use of taupe instead of grey in this colour way may be a sign of things to come. Will grey soon be replaced by the warmer taupe in wall paint and flooring?
Taupe over grey for 2017








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