How To Choose The Right Dining Table

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How To Choose The Right Dining Table

That time of year is just around the corner again! If you’re in need of a new dining table to show off that fabulous feast of yours, here are some ways on deciding what shape and size is going to work best for you and your guests.


Start with how many people you usually entertain for dinner, of course you’re not always going to be hosting a party so keep in mind that its always nice to have table extensions or leaves to make your table a different size. The width of your table should be at least 36” wide to allow for place settings and food servings in the middle. Usually as the length of the table increases as does the width of the tabletop, but there are a few manufactures that offer the same width of table in a variety of lengths.


Measure your table to wall clearance and make sure you have at least 42-48” so your diners have enough space to sit down and get up easily from their seats. Table manufactures usually recommend the number of people that you can sit comfortably without touching elbows while eating, as each person needs about 2’ of eating space. Unless your guests have airplane wings for elbows, then there’s no helping that. Of course if the table allows for it, you might be able to squeeze in an extra seat or two for the occasional larger gathering. Don’t be afraid to get cozy, we’re all friends here!


To test out a table size grab a couple bed sheets, lay them on the floor and fold it to the table dimensions. This allows you to visualize the space it will take up, then make sure to measure the wall to table clearance. If your table has leaves don’t forget to include them in your calculations as well.


If your looking to save some space, round tables are great. They fit in tight spaces with no sharp corners and pedestal bases are even better to squeeze in more plate settings. Try adding clear acrylic chairs to make your space appear larger. If you’re thinking about going with a larger round table; 60” or bigger try adding a lazy Susan in the middle so it’s not so hard to reach the mashed potatoes. In long narrow rooms a rectangular table works best and allows for more traffic flow. If your stuck on having a wider rectangle you could likely get away with it if you go with smaller dining chairs and maybe even a bench, just make sure you can tuck it under the table to allow for more walking space.


If you have any questions about choosing a dining table don’t hesitate to stop by the store! We have a few different manufactures, such as Bermex, Woodworks, Sahara Furniture, LH Imports, Verbois, and Amisco with lots of different styles choices.  


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