Leather or Fabric...Which is Better?

Leather or Fabric...Which is Better?

One of the questions we are continually asked…which is better, fabric or leather?


Your furniture purchase is a big investment and has the potential to make a big impact.  It is very important to invest some time into thinking about what you really want and need with this purchase.   One of the main considerations besides the style is the type of material you would like to use.  The answer to that question is specific to you and your family.  We will ask you plenty of qualifying questions to find out which would suit you and your lifestyle best.


For example, do you have children or pets?   Grandchildren? Is your husband allowed to eat on the sofa?  Will you be enjoying movies and popcorn on this sofa?  Greasy fingers are more easily cleaned from most leather sofas than they are from fabric.  Leather is a very durable material and can outlive fabric by many years, if cared for properly. Fabric however can be very warm, cozy and inviting, so if you are looking for a piece of furniture that you can cuddle up on, then fabric might be your choice. 


We would also ask what your budget looks like; leather is generally more of an investment and costs more than fabric. But could last substantially longer. Leather can be finished and cut many different ways, which would reflect the cost as well as the durability.  If this sofa is for a recreational room complete with teenagers, you would want corrected leather with some protection on it for exceptional durability.  If you want leather but not the cost, a great way to save on your leather is to purchase a sofa that has high quality top grain leather on the seats, back and arms with split leather or a leather match on the sides and back.


If a fabric sofa fits the budget or your personal style better, there are certainly more choices when it comes to color hues, textures and prints.   Fabrics are chosen for their durability, and are put through the Wyzenbeek abrasion test, where fabrics are rubbed along the warp and weft of the fabric, with one back and fourth motion equaling a double rub. The number of double rubs made before yarn breaks occur determines the abrasion rating. A double rub of 30,000 is considered a heavy-duty fabric, so we would make sure that you chose an adequate fabric for your lifestyle.  Another consideration for fabric would be the cleaning code.  It is best to find if your fabric needs to be cleaned with water based or solvent based cleaner.


We also offer and recommend an accidental protection plan. It covers your purchase for 5 years over and above that of the original warranty.  


Its never easy to agree on the same thing within a family, usually the husband wants leather and the wife likes fabric…. he says black and she says white…we see it all the time.  Sometimes a compromise works best…pick the piece of furniture that you use the most and chose the material that you like best…then let the family have their say on the rest.  


Design Inspiration by Cori Logan

Interior Designer

Portfolio Interiors, 1216 Battle St., Kamloops


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