Mother's Day Gift Ideas From Portfolio Interiors

Mother's Day Gift Ideas From Portfolio Interiors

Mothers day is a celebration honouring the ‘Motherʼ of the family, as well as

Motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. It is the time

for people to thank their mothers or mother figures who took the time to care for

them and help them through lifes challenges. As we know, some of us can be

more challenging than others.


At Portfolio Interiors, we take this celebration seriously as most of us are

Mothers and all of us have Mothers. The following are a few suggestions that we

carry in our store that may be a suitable thank you for the wonderful women in

your life.


Sid Dickens Memory blocks are a wonderful way to commemorate Mothers Day

as Sid Dickens certainly had a mother that he was close to and was thankful for.

He was born into a fishing family in the small northern community of Prince

Rupert, British Columbia. After graduating high school in 1981, he worked as a

fisherman on and off until he was 28 years old; in the off-season, he served

burgers on the ferries and dedicated his spare time to drawing and painting.

In 1983, Dickens enrolled in the prestigious Emily Carr University of Art and

Design in Vancouver in 1983. He left Emily Carr after one year and returned to

Prince Rupert. In 1986, he went on a long backpacking trip through Europe that

greatly influenced his aesthetic. Upon his return, he settled in the Queen Charlotte

Islands with his mother, who had taken a job in Sandspit, on Moresby Island. Sids

memory tiles have become very popular and valuable collector items.


If you were a little stinker as a child and want to thank Mom for all that you put

her through another thoughtful idea is the Lampe Berger which was designed over

100 years ago by French pharmacist, Maurice Berger, to purify the air in hospitals.

These lamps also fragrance the air, and there are over 40 different fragrances

available as well as many lamp styles. These are very popular as they get rid of

unwanted animal smells or unappealing cooking aromas, while leaving a beautiful

scent in the air. We also carry the Perfume Berger which only scent the air.


How many times did your Mom threaten to wash your mouth out with soap?

What better way to thank her than our beautiful line of Lothantique products.

Refined in the old world French tradition, the gentle cleansing and moisturizing

properties of the liquid soaps and triple-milled bar soaps are a result of high levels

of all natural ingredients, including vegetable and palm oils, enriched with shea

butter, almond or olive oil for additional nourishment. Choose from a selection of

lush fragrances, an authentic, classic element of Provence, or indulge in pure and



These are a just few of my favourite things in a store full of so many beautiful

things. We also have many local artisans who showcase their talented work in our

store. If it is too hard to make a choice, get Mom a gift certificate and let her

choose. An afternoon spent wandering our store with a cup of tea is always good

for the soul.


Of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving Mother is the greatest of them all.


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