Refresh Your Space

Refresh Your Space

Sometimes a major overhaul is just not in the cards, but there may be a way to freshen up the interior of your home.   


Move your furniture away from the walls.  We have a habit of keeping furniture, especially seating up against the walls.  By creating space behind large pieces such as a sofa, it makes the room feel larger.  Experiment with different furniture positions, making it a little more conversational.  Look and see if you have room enough to create multiple seating areas.  Moving a couple of chairs with a lamp creates a small reading nook within your larger space. 


Have a look at your accessories, subtract…don’t add.  This makes your accessories come into sharper focus.  Remember that the space around your accessories is just as important as the accessories.  Sometimes…. less is more!


Style your bookshelves.  Books can be positioned horizontally as well as vertically.  These can be rearranged to create blocks by size and color of the spines. Vary the shelves with open spaces.  Add some eye-catching items.  If this seems overwhelming, take it one shelf at a time. 


Add some natural color by filling a large glass vase or bowl to the brim with a colorful fruit such as oranges, lemons or limes and place on a table or by a window.  Bring nature inside from the outside. Make it fun and interesting. 


Switch up your artwork.  Sometimes just changing it around makes your appreciation more intense.  This also gives your room an entirely different look and feel.


Area rugs and toss pillows can be easily and inexpensively changed.  I think they are called toss cushions for a reason, simply toss them in the closet and try something new.   This also gives you an opportunity to clean everything you have swept under the rug.  


Dress your bathroom, have a little fun with a tray on the counter for toiletries and trinkets. Use baskets for organizing and simplifying.  Change the color of the towels, or add a pop of color to the existing ones.


Flowers, flowers, and more flowers…. buy inexpensive flowers and fill vases or mason jars.  Add a pop of color with some vibrant blooms.   Fill bowls or vases with dried flowers.   Nothing puts a smile on a ladies face faster than a bouquet of posies. 


Consider new uses for things, for instance if you have two similar scarves use them for tiebacks.  Sometimes, an old table just needs a fresh coat of paint or some antiquing.    


Think about creating a collection.  Many everyday items become art when looked at in a fresh way. Try pinecones in a wooden bowl, twigs in a vase, photographs grouped on a wall. Create a small vignette of memorabilia, or a cluster of candles.


These are simply a few suggestions to give your home and your spirits a lift.


Cori Logan


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