Tips For Decorating Your Master Bedroom

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Tips For Decorating Your Master Bedroom

Wondering what to do with that oversized bedroom of yours? Fill it with stuff of course! But how do I do this without it turning into a cluttered mess, you say? Well, I’m going to let you in on a couple tricks of the trade!


First things first, the new rules of décor: There are no rules! Think outside the box when decorating, you don’t always have to be matchy matchy with everything. I know some of are thinking “WHAT!? My nightstands don’t need to match my bed!?” No. Switch it up, wood and upholstered beds look great with a metal accented side table!


I know it might be a tad more tedious to find a piece of furniture that will work with your existing stuff but once you find that piece you love, it makes it that much more unique and different! We often forget about our bedrooms and put off decorating to focus on the areas that we like to entertain in, like the living room or dining area. We spend a third of our lives in it! Why not make it your oasis!


Seating is always a good idea in the master bedroom when you have space to fill. Whether it is two occasional chairs in a cozy corner for reading or a bench at the end of the bed to put your socks on in the morning. Just make sure that it’s far enough away from your closet or dressers so it doesn’t become a stash spot or disrobing area!


Adding a rug under the bed can also add to the cozy feel of your space and reduce echoing. Remember, it should extend at least 12-18” from the sides of the bed and if you select a bold rug, keep accents and wall colors neutral so it doesn’t get too busy.


The last thing you need in a bedroom is having too many patterns going on making it hard to rest when you need to.


Avoid big blank walls, it will make any room feel under scale and empty.  Fill with an extra large print to create a focal point or choose to do a gallery wall of the kids. Hanging multiple, uniform sized picture frames with simple artwork side by side can create a heartwarming focal point that is appealing to the eye.  Large prints can be quite a dramatic statement and can look good in most modern style rooms but can also get expensive.


An oversized shelving unit can break up a long wall, allowing you to display items that you love.  It can also bring the majority of your things into one area, such as the TV and everything that goes with it.


Paint can also play a big part into the final look of your space, having a large room allows you to be a little more creative. Try painting a focal wall with a dark accent colour or if you have lots of light in your room try painting it all dark! It will make it feel smaller and more serene. Colour is a whole different story; blues and purples are very trendy this year and can be incorporated around the room with accents in all different shades! If you’re not too keen on trends take a look in your closet, whatever colours you tend to wear most are the ones you are going to love living in!


Try a few of these tips & tricks for yourself! If you get stuck, don’t panic we’re here for you! We do home consultations and are more than happy to come out and assess the situation and answer any questions you have!


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