Winter Blues

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Winter Blues

Now that the holidays have come and gone once again, its time to spruce up your home and get rid of those winter blues. These are just a few suggestions to perk up your home after the holidays. This is a great time for that old adage… “Out with the old and in with the new”.


Allow your space to continually change…just as your life does. Your home should always be evolving, just as you are. Use those Christmas gifts or treasures bought during your travels to make your nest a place of comfort and inspiration.


Recast your gallery wall, or for some of us, this may mean starting one. Update your collection by replacing old photos with newer versions of those smiling faces you love. Think about adding conversation pieces like your grandchildren’s artwork or start a collection of Sid Dickens memory tiles


Change your pillows and throws in your living room to add color and pattern to the room. Change them according to the seasons…just as you do with your clothing.


Redo your coffee table décor regularly. Start with something large in the centre, like a floral arrangement or plant in an interesting container. Maybe a huge bowl filled with something from nature like rose petals, potpourri or pine cones, then build out from that with a stack of books, candles, sculptures or pottery.


Remember the rule of threes. Arrange decorative pieces like candles, vases, table plants or flowers in groups of three. Bring the outside in by adding some greenery to add color, texture and life to every room.


Refresh your bedroom. If your comforter and sheets are as old as your marriage, it might be time for an update. Make your room more inviting by mixing and matching colors, patterns and textures. If you love white or neutral sheets, experiment with pillows and throws in different hues. Adding faux fur can be a luxurious way to add depth and variety to your room. Another great idea is to hang a mirror above the bed to act as a focal point and reflect light on those gloomy winter days.


These are only a few suggestions to make your home cozier and to cheer up your spirit in those winter months while we wait for spring to make its lovely appearance.


Cori Logan, Interior Designer

Portfolio Interiors


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